Forfatter Emne: NWO-globalisterne i EUssr vil gøre ''abort benægtelse'' ulovligt  (Læst 254 gange)

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NWO-globalisterne i EUssr vil gøre ''abort benægtelse'' ulovligt
« Dato: September 16, 2017, 04:46:52 pm »
Det første som NWO-globalisterne gjorde ulovligt var det de kalder for holocaustbenægtelse . Nu vil NWO-globalisterne gøre ''abort benægtelse'' ulovligt

EU Moves to ‘Criminalise’ Pro-Life Views and ‘Abortion Denial’

The European Parliament has been accused of trying to “criminalise” pro-life views after passing a report which describes reducing access to abortion as “violence against women and girls”.
The MEPs who authored the document denied the paper was an attack on “Christian values” or promoting a “liberal agenda”, but appeared to conflate a rise in violence against women with the election of President Trump in the U.S.

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) produced the interim report, which calls on all EU member-states to “urgently” ratify a new convention on violence against women, and “recommends”:

“The EU strongly affirms that the denial of sexual and reproductive health and rights services, including safe and legal abortion, is a form of violence against women and girls.”

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All member-states must also “guarantee comprehensive sexuality education, ready access for women to family planning, and the full range of reproductive and sexual health services, including modern contraceptive methods and safe and legal abortion”.

If they fail to, it is implied they could be complicit in “forced pregnancy”, which the report asserts is “defined as a crime against humanity in Article 7 of the Rome Statute”.

The paper also calls on nations to “combat sexism and stereotyped gender roles – promoting gender-neutral language and address the key role of media and advertising.”

The two “core reporters” who produced the document were Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, a liberal Swedish MEP (pictured above) and Christine Revault, a socialist MEP from France.

The MEPs called on the European Commission to initiate legislation implementing their recommendations. Fourteen member-states have already ratified the “radically progressive” Istanbul Convention, which contains similar provisions.

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